Industry Certification

Students who enroll in any of North's technology-based electives will be immersed in a variety of the latest software applications. We offer a variety of different courses that enable student to have the opportunity to become certified in that industry. Students are able to utilize these certifications or college and/or career outlooks. Industry certifications can be obtained on campus in areas including Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Adobe Certified Associate, AutoDesk Certified User and Toon Boom Certified Associate.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business

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North High freshmen enrolled in Marketing Essentials have the opportunity to earn the Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification from Certiport, sponsored by Intuit and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, that ensures tomorrow's leaders are prepared with the toolkit they need to get ahead in today's competitive landscape. Students who successfully pass the certification exam prove that they meet globally recognized performance standards and are able to work productively and efficiently. Candidates for ESB certification will be expected to have key conceptual knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business principles through at least 150 hours of instruction.

Adobe Certified Associate

Industry Certifications


Photoshop CC

Industry Certifications Photoshop is a popular image editing software used by photographers, graphic designers, and other professionals in various art and design fields. It is most commonly used for photo editing, design creation, and illustration.

Illustrator CC

Industry Certifications Illustrator is a vector-based program used primarily for graphic design, web design, and illustration. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator skills are introduced and cultivated in various assignments, projects, and design contest in the first and second year of Digital Design. Digital Design 2 is where student designers will prepare and are given the option to dual-certify in Illustrator and Photoshop in one year. Bundling these two certs helps to get students prepared for the Graphic Design industry and making them highly competitive in the design job market.   

Premiere Pro CC

Industry Certifications TV Production Broadcasting students will have the opportunity to train and certify in Premiere Pro CC. Premiere Pro is a video editing software that allows students to edit their video footage, integrate 2D visual elements into their films, and do various post-production tasks.

Autodesk Certified User

 3ds Max
 3ds Max Third year modeling students will have the opportunity to train and certify in Autodesk 3ds Max. 

Toon Boom Certified Associate

North High is proud to offer certification in both Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Toon Boom Harmony as a part of the 3D Modeling, Gaming, and Animation program. Toon Boom is the current industry standard in television animation and is widely used in the planning and production of film, games, and mobile applications.

Industry Certifications

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is a digital storyboarding software that allows students to visually explore and organize their creative ideas. A storyboard is a series of static images displayed in sequence for the purpose of previsualizing a film, animation, or game. Storyboard Pro helps streamline the storyboarding process with a slew of specialized tools designed to help artists efficiently convey their ideas. In conjunction with Storyboard Pro, students will use Wacom drawing tablets to draw directly into the computer, allowing them to easily create and interact with their storyboards.

Industry Certifications

Toon Boom Harmony is a 2D animation production software that allows students to create professional-quality animation. Harmony is more robust than its storyboarding partner, allowing for high quality final animation. Students have the ability to integrate 3D elements into their 2D work and can easily set up reusable assets to systemize and quicken the production process.

Some memorable productions developed using the Toon Boom software:

Industry Certifications

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