The TV Production program is available to all students interested in the video production industries. The two available tracks cover production for TV and broadcasting as well as for social media and short film. Within each track, the courses build on one another and must be taken in order. As they progress through their chosen track, each student will gain experience with digital equipment and the production software, with certification offered in Adobe Premiere.

TV Production: Broadcasting Track

TV Production 1 (8772100)

This class will serve as an introduction to basic tv production and film elements with an emphasis on studio production in the news industry. Students will learn the basics of script writing, lighting, camera operation, film production planning, audio engineering and execution of the planned film. Students will focus on using Abode PremierePro and Adobe Audition.

TV Production 2 (8772120)

This class will expand upon the knowledge that was acquired in TV Production 1. This class will be an intensive studio production experience with elements of film projects included to increase students' editing knowledge. Students will gain additional experience working with studio equipment and learn advanced techniques to spice up the newscast. Towards the end of the year, students will begin to focus on live news broadcasting productions.

Teacher recommendation is required.

TV Production 3 (8772130)

This class will expand upon the knowledge that was acquired in TV Production 2. The primary focus will be on the production of the Knightly News daily broadcast. Students will receive experience in having to meet deadlines of the news show and apply more advanced techniques of camera shooting, script writing, non-linear editing and using Adobe AfterEffects. Students must also create content and graphics for the broadcast.

Teacher recommendation is required.

TV Production 4 (8772140)/TV Production 5 (8772150)

These classes will also focus primarily on the production of the news show - WKNS NEWS. Students will compile a video résumé consisting of their best work. Using all studio elements, students will produce pieces that will serve as examples of their skills and abilities. The students must master and be able to teach the basic production skills to lower level students. Students in this course will serve as leaders and mentors to the up and coming broadcasting students.

Teacher recommendation is required.

Broadcasting Track Syllabus

TV Production: Internet and Film Track

TV Production 6 (8772160)

The purpose of this class is to help students who are interested in creating and maintaining a Youtube channel. They will learn various editing and filming techniques to use on their channels as well as various strategies for marketing their channel and gaining subscribers. Students will be required to create and upload their own content regularly. 

Prerequisite: TV Production 1

Teacher recommendation is required.

TV Production 7 (8772170)

This class is designed for students who want to create short films and documentaries. Students will learn how to script, plan and shoot a short story, along with various audio and video techniques used in both film and documentary. This course will require collaboration with other students. 

Prerequisite: TV Production 1

Teacher recommendation is required.

TV Production 8 (8772180)

This class is designed for students who would like to continue creating short film and/or social media work. Students can further develop their YouTube channel or work on new film or documentary projects. A high level of ability for video editing and camera work is a requirement. Along with a high level of motivation to create. 

Prerequisite: TV Production 6 or 7

Teacher recommendation is required.

Visual Course Map

TV Production

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