The Digital Media Arts program focuses on developing each student’s artistic creativity in electronic art communications. Students have the opportunity to explore digital illustration, graphic design, photography, animation, gaming, and video production while becoming familiar with a variety of advanced computer applications. In our state of the art multimedia facility, students will have access to professional camera equipment, computers, studio equipment, and an ever-growing list of industry standard software.

Throughout their high school career, students will create a high quality electronic portfolio that showcases their artistic and technical abilities. By graduation, they will have the training and experience necessary to enter an advanced digital media arts program or to embark upon a career in their chosen media arts field.

Digital Media Auditions

The North Fort Myers High School Arts Auditions are for exceptionally talented incoming freshmen. Students with a passion for art and design are encouraged to apply. Acceptance into the arts program ensures each student's place at North and sets them on a digital art track of their choosing. Each year as a member of the arts program students are required to take and pass at least one course in their chosen track.

For auditions, students will need a well put-together digital portfolio that includes three examples of their best digital artwork and they will need to be prepared to present their porfolio to us in an interview-style session on the day of their audition. 

See the full list of requirements below:

Common Prerequisite Course

Digital Information Technology

All students at North High are enrolled in Digital Information Technology, usually as freshmen. This course satisfies their online course credit for graduation in addition to offering professional certification in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

Digital Information Technology can be taken at the same time as a first-level Digital Media courses, but is the prerequisite for all upper-level courses. 

Optional Introductory Course

Digital Media Foundations

Digital Media Foundations is an introductory course for students who are unsure of which digital track they would like to pursue. In this entirely project-based course, students will gain a foundational knowledge of the elements and principles of design, beginner photography techniques, short film, 3D animation, and 2D gaming. They will complete the year with a taste for what each of our larger tracks offers and be more prepared to move into the digital course of their choosing.

Restrictions: This course is not open to students who audition to get into one of our digital tracks and CAN NOT be taken at the same time as another digital media course. It is strictly an introductory course for students who are not yet ready for one of our digital tracks.

Digital Media Tracks

Digital Design and Illustration

North Fort Myers High School offers one course in Illustration and two courses in Digital Design. Throughout this track, students will have the opportunity to explore traditional and digital drawing, principles of design, photo manipulation, graphic and print design. In the upper level courses students will focus on practical applications such as marketing, advertising, packaging design, and large scale displays. By the end of their time at North, students in this track will have a created a varied body of work and will have had many opportunities to enter digital competitions, including Doodle for Google and our school Digital Knight competition.

In each course, students will familiarize themselves with Wacom drawing tablets, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, which are the industry standard tools and software for most graphic arts fields. Professional certification will also be available to them in both Photoshop and Illustrator, which can then be used on college application and job résumés.

Game Design and Animation

The Game Design and Animation program consists of seven different courses and two industry certifications. As students progress through the program, they will have the opportunity to explore storyboarding, 3D printing, 3D modeling, 2D and 3D animation, as well as 2D and 3D gaming. Our state of the art facilities include dual monitors for each student, Wacom drawing tablets, a MakerBot 3D printer, and several suites of industry standard software.

We also offer a Game Development Club afterschool where students have access to all our software and equipment in an open studio sort of environment. Students choose what they would like to focus on and can use each other as resources for collaborative learning. They may choose to work on concept art, digital illustration, storyboards, animation, game design, or any number of digital projects. It's also a good time for a brain break with several gaming consoles available for group use. A little bit of work and a little bit of play makes a great time at the end of the day!


North High offers four courses in the Photography track as well as Photoshop certification. With access to digital SLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop, students will learn the to use manual camera settings and photo editing to explore the elements and prinicples of photography, composition, and lighting. As they progress to higher level courses, students will begin to focus on digital darkroom techniques, alternative printing processes, and advanced lighting. Students will leave this track with knowledge of career options in the photography industry and a creative portfolio to get them started.

TV Production

The TV Production program at North Fort Myers High offers two different tracks: TV Production and Broadcasting or Social Media and Short Film. Each track allows students to build on their video production skills and introduces them to all parts of the production pipeline. Although it is common to equate television and film with being on camera, there are many roles in the various film industries, plenty of which don't involve being in the spotlight. Students often work in collaborative groups, allowing students to try out different roles, but also to explore the roles they find most interesting.  

AICE Courses

AICE Media Studies

AICE Media Studies offers students the opportunity to explore the role media plays in our everyday lives. It is a hands-on course that allows students to create film and print media from planning through to final execution. They also learn to analyze the techniques used in existing media and to consider the impact media can have on ourselves and on society as a whole.

AICE Photography

AICE Photography is the third course in the Photography track. Students will use the knowledge gained in both Creative Photography and Pre-AICE Photography to further explore and refine their creative skills. 

Industry Certifications

Students who enroll in any of North's technology electives will be immersed in a variety of the latest software applications. We offer training in over 15 different applications across 26 courses with more than 10 possible software certifications including Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Toon Boom. North High is an official testing center offering students the opportunity to gain these certifications right on campus, which count towards college credit and can be added to college applications and professional résumés.

Digital Knight Competition

Digital Knight is our annual school-wide competition that recognizes and rewards our hardworking digital arts students. Students enrolled in our Media Arts courses are encouraged to submit any digital work they've created throughout the year, whether it be school work or personal projects. Student entries are then judged by industry professionals and prizes are given for the top three in each category at a red carpet style event.

For more detailed information, visit the Digital Knight Info Page below: