In AICE Media Studies students will explore how the media arts, specifically magazines and movies, impact our perceptions of the world. The AICE candidate will analyze trends in design and marketing to a specific target audience. Viewing and deconstructing film and television camera work and cinematic elements will also be an emphasis of this course.

Quarter 1: Magazine Analysis

AICE Media Studies students analyze and identify specific elements of magazine covers and then create their own cover using Adobe Photoshop.

Then they analyze and various genres of magazines and the design of their table of contents pages.

Finally we analyze the elements of a double page spread and students create their own using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Quarter 2: Film Analysis

Students analyze the history and craft of motion pictures.

Quarter 3

AICE Media Studies Component 1 is a student project where the student chooses to either create a mini-magazine with a cover, table of contents, and double-page spread OR they film and edit a 2 minute opening scene to a film.

Quarter 4

Students choose a specific facet of the media to research.  Topics include radio, film, music, video games, or print media.  They also analyze television clips for use of mise-en-scene and how drama is created for broadcast.